Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pinoy Site Meter

You may have noticed this image on the sidebar on the left. It indicates that this site is part of Pinoy Top Blogs and its ranking amongst other Pinoy bloggers.

Pinoy Top Blogs explains:

What do we hope to accomplish with all these?

Well this is a two-pronged project and I hope most of the pinoy bloggers would agree with me on these points.

For Individual Bloggers:

* Provide an independent public metric system to compare blog traffic among fellow pinoy bloggers.
* Enable a feedback system independent of the individual blogs.
* Promotion and additional exposure.
* Independently verified bragging rights. :D

For the Blogging Community:

* We can show everyone that the pinoy blogging community has the numbers and traffic.
* Enable us to collect verifiable metrics to profile the average pinoy blogger.
* Provides an avenue for commercial exposure and potential local revenue for bloggers. (under study)

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