Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Can't Act? Try Poker

"Career fading? Can't get a decent acting job? Last week, Jennifer Tilly followed the Ben Affleck career swerve into professional gambling, stunning industry observers by winning The World Series of Poker's No Limits Texas Hold 'Em Ladies Event at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. She walked away with a cool $157,652 (£90,000), having beaten off 600 challengers.
"This is better than an Oscar," the Canadian-born actress (and Oscar nominee for Bullets Over Broadway) gushed after being handed the prize. Later, she also told a journalist: "I'd rather do this than be in some crappy movie that will end up on cable." She's even bought a flat in Las Vegas to move her career further towards professional card playing."

If only more crappy actors would get into poker, then TV and movies would be more enjoyable to watch. Especially here in our country.

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