Sunday, July 31, 2005

Looking for an exotic taste?

Feeling adventurous? Try eating at Khublai Khans in Edinburgh or Glasgow:

From their website:
Keep the weekend fun going by Visiting the UKs only Restaurnt where you can create your own dishes selecting such exotic delicacies as WILD BOAR, OSTRICH, SHARK, VENISON, SPRINGBOK, KANGAROO, and ZEBRA, as well as more mundane meats and loads of veg.

The menu:
SHOL - Please ask your waiter for today's freshly made vegetarian soup.
GAHAINY MAH - Roasted yak ribs (deceptively similar to pork!) in a rich sticky barbecue sauce.
LI MAK - Shark and prawn puffs with a lemon and chilli mayo.
TUNG LOH - Zebra enchiladas with a sour cream dip.
RI - Vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.
PAK LOI - Chilli and lemon marinated chicken breast served with a tangy mint coulis.
WA NIK - Tender strips of marinated kangaroo steak with a cranberry and orange relish and mixed leaf salad.

Or take out in 5 easy steps!:
1. Select from one of the recipe ideas below.

2. Choose one of the following meats or seafood:
- Chicken
- Lamb
- Beef
- Mussels
- Wild Boar
- Venison
- Springbok
- Kangaroo
- Ostrich
- Zebra
- Shark
- Prawns

3. Select either rice or noodles to complement your dish.

4. We'll add a selection of fresh veg (please let us know if you're allergic to anything).

5. Take away and enjoy!

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