Saturday, July 16, 2005

Kids and Comics

At Wizard World Philadelphia last month, Top Cow's Matt Hawkins made an interesting comment during his "Marketing 101" presentation, stating to an audience of aspiring comics creators: "Comics aren't really for kids anymore. Focus on what sells." He cited audience demographics that confirmed the stereotype of the average comic book reader as a middle-class male in his 20s-30s, and he opined that Marvel and DC, as the leaders in the industry, were the only ones capable of shifting the market back towards kid-friendly comics.

Is the comics industry so healthy that it doesn't need an infusion of fresh blood to keep it going? Where does manga fit in? And what about Marvel's 7/11 deal?

Industry Buzz turned to its crack panel of experts for some answers:

Interested? Read more here.

Thanks to Johanna for the link.

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