Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tales From College: The Video Project

One of the assignments of Ms. Aguirre's English class was to come up with a short video documentary. Patrick and his group mates chose to tackle ghosts in school.

The university Patrick was in is one of the older ones in the country. It was rumored to have been built over wide meadowland, which was used during Spanish times as a gathering point for local insurrectionists. It was even rumored that a massacre of local Filipinos by a Spanish platoon had occurred there.

One of the more interesting stories they learned was that of the Chemistry building. It was rumored that a ghost haunted its halls, especially the stairwell. Some say it was one of the old teachers, still wandering the hallways after he had died. Some say that it was someone who was murdered and that his soul continues to look for justice.

Patrick's group took some video footage of the exterior of the Chemistry building. When they got home and viewed what they took, they got the shock of their lives.

The stairwell of the Chemistry building could be seen from outside, as the walls on that particular side were made of glass panels. What Patrick caught on camera was a white silhouette going up the staircase and turning into one of the rooms. Everybody who saw the video could not believe their eyes.

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*First appeared in True Philippine Ghost Stories book 11.

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