Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tales from College part 1

Jenna attended college in Los Banos. She rented a dorm room nearby and went home to Manila every weekend. Since the move, she has had to adjust her life. She missed her friends, her barkada, back in high school the most.

Her best friend in high school, Annie, went to college in one of the schools on Katipunan. She had an active third eye, and she would see things that normal people wouldn't see. The only person she confided this to was Jenna.

Jenna called Annie and Berna (the third person of their barkada) and invited the two of them to spend a day with her in Los Banos, so that they could hang out and catch up with each other's lives. The three of them went around town and after dinner, they went back to Jenna's dorm. They talked about adjusting to college, their crushes, and all other things girls talk about.

Jenna's room was on the second floor, and she had a small balcony outside her room. As Jenna went to the bathroom, Annie went out to the balcony for a cigarette. Jenna was not a smoker and disapproved of Annie's habit.

A few minutes later, Annie came back inside the room. She was pale and visibly shaken.

'Annie? What wrong?' Jenna asked. Thinking that Annie might have seen something horrible, she added, 'Did you see anything that scared you?'

'No, no, I was just surprised, that's all,' said Annie. She sat down and drank some water.

'Er, is it here with us?' asked Berna. She nervously looked around the room.

'No, Berns, it's not here,' said Annie.

'So, what did you see?' Jenna prodded.

'I saw a woman walking on the ground floor. She was in white,' Annie said. 'I didn't mind her at first, but I knew something was different about her. I watched her walk, and to my surprise, when she stopped right below me. She looked up and me and suddenly she flew up right in front of my face!'

'That is so scary!' Berna said. 'Do you have any more stories?'

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*Appearing in True Philippine Ghost Stories book 11.

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