Thursday, June 02, 2005

La Visa Loca

I was a bit surprised that comedic storytelling here in the Philippines have finally gotten beyond the toilet humor and slapstick comedies (and accompanying song and dance numbers) that we have been exposed to all these years. Here is a film that infers rather than blatantly tells (I particularly love the product placements -- the ones Robin, the lead actor, has endorsed in TV commercials).

But I was expecting more from it though, as the synopsis stated that Jess Huson, the lead character, was prepared to do anything to get a visa. In my opinion it seemed that he didn't do enough, until, of course, the climax.

What really stood out for me was the opening credits; even though it was just a bunch of words and letters being stamped on passports, it was way better than the special effects currently seen on TV.

Overall, the film's not the greatest but certainly better than most.

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